Are we there yet????

Welcome to our first trip post! After being in travel planning limbo for the past two months, nervously waiting for news of my redundancy we were notified last Friday that I was successful and have a work finish date of February 27! We have organised for a local real estate agent to look after the rental of the house which hopefully won’t take too long? The real estate rental market in Perth is fairly flat at the moment so we will keep our fingers crossed. House packing has commenced in earnest and we somehow need to pack all our furniture and possessions into a lockable front room. Starting to think we may need to thin out some of the flotsam we have accumulated over the years??

As mentioned in the ‘About us’ section we have purchased an Autotrail Tracker motorhome from Lewis of Elite motorhomes in Banbury. Lewis has been most helpful in organising to store the van until our arrival and sorting out the servicing and registration. We will book our airline tickets this week and probably catch the train from Heathrow to London for a few days then on to Banbury in Oxfordshire. Lewis has kindly offered to organise parking at a local caravan park where we will probably stay for a week or so while we get the van ready to roll. As we intend to ‘wildcamp’ as often as possible we need to organise the installation of the solar panels and re-fillable gas bottles. Linda will be busy shopping for bedding, kitchen items etc. We also want to take the opportunity to explore some of the beautiful small towns in the Oxfordshire area.

Perth will average 37 degrees C this week so we will be in for a bit if a shock when we land in the UK! Lewis mentioned that the temps in Banbury were close to freezing so we will definitely need the thermals!

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19 Responses to Are we there yet????

  1. Baxterbus says:

    Wow, its all starting to happen. Hope the house rents quickly and hope the UK weather improves for your arrival 🙂


  2. Sally Cole says:

    Linda & David, this is great news of your plans coming together at long last. Good luck with finding tenants for the house and all the other things you have to do to leave our shores. We look foreword to reading all about your trip.
    Love Sally & David. xx


  3. Joanna Eustace says:

    Hi Both

    We are in the Cotswold (Oxford) on 27 to 28 March for a weekend away!!! It would be great to catch up with you if you are still around the area?

    Paul & Joanna x

    Sent from my iPad



    • Good to hear from you both

      At this stage we have been held up by another week or so and the dates you mentioned may work out perfectly?? Definitely would be great to catch up once again. Hopefully we can firm up some dates by early next week and will keep you posted.

      David and Linda xx


  4. Andy Cole says:

    Excellent news that you’re on your way! Looking forward to seeing you in Switzerland.


    • Yep, all looking good. Got tenants for our house today, the only sticking point is my finish date. Still negotiating. We are just learning how to use this program, can you please confirm you received this? If I don’t hear back in 24 hours, will need to review what we are doing. Love to Dyo. Xxxx


      • Andy Cole says:

        All seems to work! Give us a month or a few months and we’ll have a place for you to stay (and park the van). That said, it’s -16 outside today, so you may want to hold off for until mid-year…


  5. That’s okay, have experienced -12, can’t imagine it feels much colder? Correct me if I’m wrong.


  6. Ha ha….hope you are having a ball. We have noticed no more skiing lessons??


  7. Sally Cole says:

    Great news about the rental of your house Linda & David. It is all coming together now and when you get our airline tickets it will be even more exciting. xx


  8. shaunr68 says:

    David and Linda, so looking forward to reading about your travels. Things seem to be falling into place now. We may bump into you somewhere across the continent later this year. All the best, Shaun and Jude


    • We too hope that one day our paths will cross. Hope you
      are enjoying Turkey. Glad to hear everything went well in the UK with your visa application. Has your new addition settled in well? So cute, is there any sibling rivalry??? I know what it is
      like to be the youngest of three!!! Dave will respond to your email tomorrow. Stay safe, Linda.


      • shaunr68 says:

        Hi Linda, Nellie is still in the UK being looked after by her foster carer, she is having her rabies jab this week and will need to wait three weeks before travelling, Jude is flying home at the beginning of March. We expect some rivalry, we will have to plan the introduction carefully. So happy to read that everything is going to plan for you! Shaun

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  9. auschip says:

    Hi Linda and Dave
    Make sure that you tour Ireland in your motor home.
    The ferry from Hollyhead to Dublin is not very expensive and well worth the expense



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