Cotswold capers

Well then didn’t get the weather report right, not much rain last night but today is a different story. A very bleak day indeed! Have decided that as the weather isn’t much good for anything else, we will do our weekly shop on the way to our next home, Chipping Norton. No dramas leaving this site in Burford as we are on hard ground. Had a walk around the lovely town of Chipping Norton after doing our weekly shop. Got lost again trying to find the campsite, went 20 miles out of way but it didn’t matter as the scenery was beautiful.  Knocked on the door of a house in a little village and the young lady there was extremely helpful. She came out to Matilda and rang the Motorhome park to confirm directions. Had it not been for her, we could have been out and about for hours. Finally arrived and realised this park was the one we had seen earlier from the road however our great little offline map had us going in the opposite direction. Had a bit of slippage getting Matilda onto the site as the grounds are very wet. Fortunately they do have a tractor to pull us out if we get stuck however the weather is supposed to improve which will dry out the land. This is a very big park with 70 sites, all with EHU. As the park is fully booked, the power keeps cutting out, especially during peak times. When it first happened, we didn’t know what had happened, however after an hour and a half of power outages we now know. Not the best thing when you are paying £22 pn! We were lucky to get this site given Easter is the beginning of the high season.

Merryweather CC CL. Note Daniel's new signage on the back of the van.

Merryweather CC CL. Note Daniel’s new signage on the back of the van.

Power out again this morning, it’s only for a couple of minutes but it happens very regularly during peak times. Had a lovely walk into Chipping Norton today, visiting the Bliss Mill which for 200 years produced tweed fabric. The whole place has been turned into a very exclusive housing estate with a private road leading into it. Didn’t stop us, we still went for a sticky beak. Lovely gardens and I’m sure the interiors of each dwelling are pretty special too. Wandered into the Church of St Mary where quite a few of the parishioners were getting the hall ready for the Easter Sunday service, making up beautiful floral displays. A lot of history here dating back to the 1600s and involving the Fiennes family again (Broughton Castle) with one of the daughters marrying ???

Walked to the Checkers Hotel in Chipping Norton for our first Sunday roast and we weren’t disappointed. Roast beef with Yorkshire pudd…….and of course a pint! Caught up with a couple of emails while we had wifi and a had a pleasant walk home.



We had a lovely day today, off walking to the Hook Norton Brewery which was a round trip from the caravan park of 16kms. Beautiful scenery, misty hills and valleys. Lots of history about the brewery, the town, the iron ore mining and the two viaducts that were built to carry the hand mined iron ore. I tasted their pale ale while Dave tasted a couple of the slightly darker beers. Had a tasting of some of the local cheeses, salamis and olives. Bought some of the olives and a slab of the hereford hop cheese which is a soft cheese, a bit like a Brie but not as creamy. Will save that to have with the olives and a bottle of red! Having a nice cuppa after our walk and will look for an adventure for tomorrow.

Another lovely walk today with scenery very similar to yesterday. Walked 13 kms round trip to the Whispering Knights, the Kings stone and the Kings men circle. These are ancient stones of a similar type to Stonehenge. The Whispering Knights are said to be 6000 years old and were believed to be Knights who were turned into stone by a witch!



Why, I don’t know however they were also believed to have been a burial chamber . It is a beautiful day today and we have come back to sit in the sunshine and have a well earned cuppa and the last hot cross bun!
Left Merryweather Farm today to travel to our next home Cold Aston. Stopped on the way at the village of Stow on the Wold, what a lovely village. Walked around for an hour or so before heading to Cold Aston. This place consists of two streets and is so pretty. We are staying at Longbrook Barn Farm which is a CL site. Horses are agisted here, as well as 4 sheep who all have lambs, some chooks and a couple of turkeys. It is a lovely place, with our windows overlooking the paddocks where the horses are.


Brekkie in bed with views!


Our park by the barn to avoid getting bogged again!


Another beautiful day with the sun shining all day – no rain! Looking out of the window at the moment, it’s 6.46pm, the horses are having a bit of a run and there is a hot air balloon floating not far from where we are. What more could you ask for? A young lady riding her horse in the practice arena just outside our door! He is a beautiful 8 year old gelding, very friendly as she is. She gave us a few places to visit when we are down near Dover. Love this place!

We rode our bikes today to Bourton-on-the-Water. Each little village or town we have visited have been beautiful in their own way and Bourton was no different. The Main Street is located on the Windrush River and is so picturesque, my favourite so far. Shop fronts, tea houses and pubs face the river which is full of ducks and their babies. We saw one duck with 10 little ones in tow. The weather again was sunny and we were surprised by the number of people having a look around.


Must be awful in peak period, today was pretty busy. We locked our bikes and walked the 3 (4.8kms) to Upper Slaughter along the public pathway which runs through people’s properties generally along the perimeter fence. The name Slaughter has nothing to do with abattoirs, it is from the English name “sloughtre” which means Slough or muddy place. From Upper Slaughter we walked to Lower Slaughter which was a much prettier and bigger place with the river Eye running through it. Both villages are quite small but pretty anyway.

image image

Back to Bourton where we stopped for a pint and a bit of wifi and are now home again waiting for some equine entertainment. 

No equine entertainment last night but there was this morning. There was a gentleman riding his mare around the practice arena, a fine specimen she was. Drove to Bibury this morning which is a little village with the most photographed street in the UK and is lined with medieval houses.

image image

There is also a trout farm with such a pretty garden in the front. You are allowed to fish for trout, there was an entry fee of £4.95 each to get in however I’m not sure if it was more if you fished.



From Bibury we went to Northleach which is home to a stunning gothic church, St Peters and St. Paul’s cathedral, love gothic architecture. Back home for a nice walk through the paddocks before settling in for the night.

Stayed in bed for a bit this morning, had brekkie and read for awhile until the rain stopped. Walked back into Bourton-on-the-Water and had a wander around before eating our sandwiches looking onto the Windrush river. Popped into the Kingsbridge pub mainly for wifi but had a beer there as well! We are now comfy in Matilda watching life go by, lambs jumping and frolicking in the paddock. Gave the mare in the paddock a nice apple and she was very happy with that little treat. She does also enjoy a scratch on her face, thought she was going to fall asleep!

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13 Responses to Cotswold capers

  1. Baxterbus says:

    Had never heard of Bibury – looks fantastic and on our list for when we are home, thanks for the tip! 🙂


  2. Joanna says:

    Hi David & Linda

    We recognised where your pictures were taken – particularly, Bourton on the Water – we spent our honeymoon there at The Old New Inn nearly 39 years ago! We have visited many of the places you have been to lots of times and always enjoy ourselves. We recognised Bibury Manor Hotel too – we have stayed there. We love Arlington Row – you can close your eyes and imagine you have gone back 600 years in time (apart from any cars)!! I am pleased the weather over Easter picked up – it has been awful today – just rained and rained and it definitely snowed here yesterday (in the cold wind). I’ve had a week off work and have enjoyed the good weather as we have been in the garden all the time. Back to work tomorrow – just seen the weather forecast and it looks as though the warmer weather will return. Speak soon

    Joanna& Paul x


  3. Tess Garnett says:

    Looks like you’re having a fabulous time, I love all the pictures of the “country” villages and there are lots of them to see. Keep them coming!!

    Keep smiling 🙂


  4. Sally Cole says:

    Hi Linda, love all the beautiful photos, it looks wonderful and so pretty. Thanks for sharing and as usual your commentary is fabulous. Makes you feel like I am there with you and Dave. But I would hold you up with the walking, so I just sit here and dream.
    Glad your weather is warming up, while ours is cooling off. The trees are turning and the autumn leaves are lovely and colourful.
    Love you both. Big sis Sal. xx 🙂


  5. Loving all these photos! Keep them up. Can not believe the beautiful places you are seeing!
    I’d have asked for some money back after multiple power outages!


  6. Judy Wheeler says:

    Loving the travel log, please keep it up. You really do seem to be having a lovely trip, and I have heard that the UK is about to hist a heat wave, so enjoy!!


  7. Looks like you’re getting some great weather over there. We’re very much enjoying your blog posts, wonderful pictures too. I love the Matilda sign. Will reply to your e-mail in the morning – only just got Wi-Fi access again! Shaun and Jude

    Liked by 1 person

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