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We arrived at Rostock port at 6.30am and had our breakfast while waiting to board the Huckleberry Finn, the TT-Line ferry to Trellborg. Boarding didn’t take too long and we were in our spot for the journey by 7.30. While a comfortable ship, there wasn’t as much to do on board as there was on the Stena Line so we spent the day reading and having the occasional walk around. The seas weren’t too rough and 15 minutes after arriving we were able to drive off to our customs check which was a quick look at our passports and we were on our way. We ended up driving further than first planned, 80kms in total as the first stop didn’t look too inviting. We are now parked in the town of Landskrona, which we will explore tomorrow. We are right on the water with views to Copenhagen across the bay and we are watching the cruise ships go past on their way to the fjords.

A peaceful nights sleep and after breakfast we walked to the citadel along the river. We walked around the moat and into the grounds of the citadel. From there we headed into town. Landskrona is not a big place but it was very nice. There was the usual Saturday market which we walked around before heading to the shopping precinct. We are used to seeing Jehovas Witnesses preaching however today we saw a stand with four Muslim men offering information about the Koran, first time for everything. Back to Tilly and on the road for 20kms to our next stop, Råå where we are again parked up on the waterfront. We had a walk around the marina complex nearby before heading into the very small town of Rää. Back home to sit in the glorious sunshine reading and watching more cruise ships pass by.

Landskrona citadel

Landskrona citadel

After travelling about 70kms through scenery of cattle farms and crops we arrived just outside of Halmstad finding another wildcamp spot right on the water. The weather isn’t as warm today however we did take a nice walk along the beach for a couple of kilometres and on the way back walked through a small settlement of beach homes before settling in for a relaxing afternoon.

We drove on the E road again today which is the main motorway in Sweden through similar scenery to yesterday although we did drive through a lovely forest area. We have again snagged a great wildcamp spot, this time in a nature reserve in MöIndal with views to a huge lake. After our long drive and feeling like a bit of exercise, we donned our trekking boots and headed off on what we thought would be a small hike of around 5kms. We ended up circumnavigating the lake through a beautiful forest and wetland area on a hike called the Rädisjon Rund and 3 hours later we arrived back to our spot for the night. Beers in hand we sat by the lake watching the children swimming and the rowers in their slick rowing boats racing up and down the lake on a laned course plotted out by markers in the water.

A short drive of 8kms and we parked at the sports ground car park near the centre of Göteburg. Said to be caught in Stockholm’s shadow, Göteburg is a must for shopaholics with a plethora of stores to choose from. We walked to the Domkyrkan, a church with a lovely marble interior and gold coloured altar. Our next stop was the port before heading back through one of the gardens. Onto the E road again and our stop was Ljungskile, where the first Stellplatz was in a nice position with services but a bit too close to the highway. On checking camper contact, Dave located another spot just 2 kms away on the other side of the inlet at the marina. What a find! There are no services here but we have a lovely view over the water with little villages, a couple of yacht clubs and two rocky islands as our view. We had a small walk around the perimeter of the lake for a kilometre or so over rocks and a gravel path admiring the holiday homes along the way.

A drive of 60kms, stopping along the way for our last Lidl shop before Norway we arrived in the beautiful fishing village of Fjällbacka. Known as a favoured holiday spot of Ingrid Bergman’s, the tiny town is utterly charming with its brightly coloured houses squashed between steep cliffs and placid sea. We had lunch before heading out on our hike to the Vetteberget cliff for unforgettable 360-degree views of the village and the archipelago. We were delighted to spot our wildcamp for the night, again on the water just near the marina with views to the islands across the bay. Once we got back to town we had a walk around the marina and the very small shopping precinct. We watched a Swedish man and his Thai wife catch about a dozen mackerel and had a nice chat with him mainly about what we can expect once in Norway. A thunderstorm has been forecast and we are parked in a perfect position to view it, if it happens.


Our day started with breakfast outside taking in the view for the last time. A short journey of 20kms and we arrived at the Vitlycke Museum where there are 3000 year old Bronze Age rock carvings that form part of a 45sq km area which is now Unesco heritage listed. We walked a kilometre or so along a series of paths and boardwalks that ran through a pine forest to the rock carving grounds. The Vitlycke Rock forms a huge canvas for 500 carvings of ‘love, power and magic’ and further along the path are the funeral cairns. Back at the museum there was a replica of a Bronze Age village and also an introduction to the carvings, explaining their origins, offering interpretations of what each particular carving meant, and delving into the typical daily life of the carvers. From there we continued on to Strömstad, our last Swedish town for the time being. No water views or wildcamping here as all of the parking is paid and Motorhomes are not allowed except for the Stellplatz which we are staying at for SEK100 (€10) per night. We walked into town after lunch and wandered around the harbour before coming back to plan our entrance into Norway which we will make tomorrow.

Rock art

Rock art

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